2016 Sunday School Christmas Program

"The Heart of the Matter" was the title of the 2016 Sunday School Christmas program held on December 18.

The theme of the narration focused on the fact that celebrating Christ's birth is first,  and foremost, an act of worship. All the other reasons for producing a Christmas program - tradition, our own pleasure, and evangelism - are secondary to adoring Christ as the divine Son of God.

We contrasted our beautifully decorated sanctuary with the drafty, stinky and dark stable where Mary, Joseph and the shepherds first offered their adoration of our newborn King.

Ultimately, no matter how beautiful the setting for worship may be, it is our hearts that God desires. And because our human hearts are fickle and we are unable to love God as we should, we depend solely on Him as our Savior, as well as our King.

A total of 21 students, age three through 8th grade, presented the program.  Four students joined in the instrumental ensemble accompanying congregational hymns. Two guest pianists (students of Vicki Ackerman) also provided special music. "Away in a Manger" was sung by the young children; the older students, along with adult choir, sang "A Christmas Lullaby"; adult choir also sang an arrangement of "O Holy Night." The High School youth group members served as narrator, ushers and acolytes, and assisted with serving refreshments along with Board of Education members.

Extra copies of the printed programs are available on the narthex table for those who were not in attendance.

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