Pastor Brent Berg

Pastor Brent Berg was installed at Trinity Lutheran on July 17, 2022.  He spent his childhood in Shakopee, MN, and then lived in Pavillion, Wyoming as a teenager.  He joined the army after high school and served four years in the infantry and then the rest of his enlistment as an Apache helicopter mechanic.  After 20 years of military service, he left his home church in Tullahoma, TN to attend the seminary in St. Louis.

Pastor Brent graduated from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis in May 2022.  Along with his wife, Tina, and their two youngest children, Abel and LeeAnna, he moved to Auburn to serve Trinity Lutheran.  Pastor Brent also has four adult children and five grandchildren who live in Tennessee, Wyoming, and Missouri.

Pastor Brent and his family love being outside and exploring God’s wonderfully created world.  Some of their favorite activities are camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting.  Pastor Brent finds joy in serving with and equipping other Christians to spread the Good News of Christ’s love and forgiveness.  He loves being a part of a strong church family who can depend on each other and are ready to go into the world and serve others.

Church Office

Office Secretary:  Laurie Clark


Chairman: *John Ackerman

Secretary: *Judith Ruskamp

Treasurer: *Richard Tanderup

Financial Secretary: *Ken Riley

Board of Education

  • *Susan Johnston
  • Angie Becker
  • Raedeahna Gerdes

Sunday School Co-Superintendents: Merri Johnson/Emily Crotty

Board of Elders:

  • *Mike Zaruba
  • *Jim Parrish
  • Doug Lueders
  • Rich Scotter

Board of Evangelism:

  • *

Board of Stewardship:

  • *Eric Bohling
  • Brad Johnson

Board of Trustees:

  • *Jerry Ruskamp
  • Tim Becker

Trinity Foundation:

  • Brad Johnson
  • Paul Hinrichs
  • Becky Lueders

Cemetery Committee:

  • Jerry Ruskamp
  • Kurt Stutheit
  • TBD

Auxiliary Presidents:

Luth. Laymen's League: Richard Tanderup

LWML: Angie Becker

Trinity Youth Group Advisors: Sarah & Micah Bogdanoff