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COVID-19 update from the Board of Directors:

Trinity Lutheran Church, LCMS

634 Alden Dr.
Auburn, NE  68305

Members of Trinity Lutheran Church,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Trinity Lutheran Church Board of Directors.  We are in a time of great change, and as always with change there comes some difficulty in transition.  We are experiencing change in our church with Pastor Rathjen being called to serve in Wisconsin, and with our opportunity to call another pastor to serve us.  We are also going through change in the community and the world around us.  One of these changes is how we are dealing with the everchanging dynamics associated with the Covid pandemic, and its ongoing impact on our lives both personally and as a church body, and with that, how we choose to respond to these changes.

Just as when we were first challenged with this new and unknown disease a year ago last spring where we chose to cancel onsite services and required masks in our building out of abundant caution and caring for those who we were in contact with who were more vulnerable to having complications from catching Covid, once we were able to join together once again in worship, and we were then able to transition back to worshiping together without masks.

Unfortunately, our local area and region is currently being impacted by Covid in new ways. Prayerful consideration and discussion at our most recent meeting of the Board of Directors of Trinity Lutheran Church, the Board has decided that the church will follow the Southeast Nebraska Health Departmentand Auburn Public School District guidance for our Covid responses in relation to masking and social distancing as required.   We as a congregation were able to successfully navigate through the last challenge that was posed when Covid first hit our community, and together, as one unified body in Christ will persevere through this challenging time.

Again, to summarize, it is the position of the Trinity Lutheran Church Board of Directors that the church align itself with the Auburn community and the direction given by the Southeast Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Auburn Public Schools.  Please feel free to call me at 402-274-8597 (Chairman) or Dr. Zaruba (Head Elder) at 402-274-8196 if you have any questions regarding this.

In Christ,

John Ackerman

Chairman – Trinity Lutheran Church

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