Senior Youth Group

Senior Youth Group

Trinity Lutheran in Auburn, NE

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Overall Plan for the Year:

One Planned Youth Event for fun (or more)

...2017/2018 saw Trinity Youth re-paint their Youth Room (it's no longer purple!)

One Service Event benefitting the church (or more)

...2018/2019 saw Trinity Youth help with Christmas decorations and Sunday School Classes

One Service Event benefitting the public (or more)

...2017/2018 saw Trinity Youth help at People's City Mission in Lincoln, NE...

...and again in 2019!

...2018-2019 saw a number of fundraising events for the National Youth Gathering, including a grape harvest...

...a Mexican dinner...

...a Christmas Bazaar...

...and a Car Wash!

Upcoming Event Highlights


11JUL19 - National Youth Gathering - Minneapolis

NOTE: These are just the events with special planning or group involvement required. Please keep in mind that the best way to have a functioning and FUN Youth Group is to take the time to come to church, stay, and study God's word with us every week. We hope to improve attendance greatly this year, as we work together to get through High School and prepare for all of the great plans God may have for us after!

NOTE: "(?)" Indicates the Senior Youth Group has not officially committed to the event yet; we'll be discussing at the next opportunity.

Senior Youth Group Board of Officers:

President - Kyra Becker

Vice President - Josh Barker

Treasurer - Amelia Becker

Digital Media Admin - Sam Ackerman

Youth Group Facilitators:

Micah and Sarah Bogdanoff

Trinity Lutheran Board of Education


Please feel free to contact the Senior Youth Group President (Kyra Becker), Sarah Bogdanoff, or the Board of Education with any questions, concerns, or comments.

(Info for all can be found in the Trinity Lutheran Church Directory.  If you do not have access to the Trinity Lutheran Church Directory, please contact Sarah Bogdanoff at or (619)993-1120.)

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