Senior Youth Group

Senior Youth Group

Trinity Lutheran in Auburn, NE

(Last Revised 26APR23 at 1100)

Overall Plan for the Year:

Starting Sunday, 21JAN23, we will be choosing a session from the most recent LCMS Youth Gathering to watch and study during Sunday School time.  High School students, College students, AND friends welcome =].

If you can't make it in person, you can always join us on Zoom - we'd love to see your face!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 7149 2912 Passcode: YouthRoom!


Easter Breakfast was phenomenal - THANK YOU to everyone who donated, cooked, set up, cleaned-up, and ate =] 

Friday, 05MAY23: The Youth have been asked to help with the Confirmation Lock-In.  If you have the ability to be awake at strange hours and a desire to help our Confirmands-to-be play games, learn things, eat things, and enjoy the night...let Sarah know!

Sunday, 07MAY23: Gary Thies will be presenting from LCMS Mission Central (both during church AND during Sunday School/Youth).  This should be a great chance to learn more about what the organization does outside of our normal "bubbles."

Sunday, 21MAY23: Church will be outside at the Auburn Rec Complex, AND there will be a potluck and games right after.  Bring a friend and some extra energy (or spectating skills) for a different kind of fellowship =]

Saturday, 03JUN23: LWML is having a garage sale here at church during Auburn's city-wide garage sales.  Who doesn't like a big garage sale!?  If you have anything to donate, or any friends that like shopping, bring them by!

10-14JUL23 is VBS!  More detail to come, but ask your folks and put it on your calendar if you can (Sarah will be asking if you'll maybe be around to help)!

Senior Youth Group Board of Officers:

President - N/A for 2022/3 (yet)

Vice President - N/A for 2022/3 (yet)

Treasurer - He knows who he is (for now)

Digital Media Admin - N/A for 2022/3 (yet)

Youth Group Facilitators:

Micah and Sarah Bogdanoff

Trinity Lutheran Board of Education


Please feel free to contact Sarah Bogdanoff or the Board of Education with any questions, concerns, IDEAS, or comments.

(Info for all can be found in the Trinity Lutheran Church Directory.  If you do not have access to the Trinity Lutheran Church Directory, please contact Sarah Bogdanoff at or (619)993-1120.)

Distribution List:

If you would like an email or text notification when this page (or the Facebook page) is updated, please send an email or text to Sarah Bogdanoff, and she will add you to the Distribution List.