Senior Youth Group

Senior Youth Group

Trinity Lutheran in Auburn, NE

(Last Revised 10JAN22 at 1427)

Overall Plan for the Year:

One Planned Youth Event for fun (or more)

One Service Event benefitting the church (or more)

One Service Event benefitting the public (or more)

Fundraising (for NYG, fun, and HELPING OTHERS)!

Check out our Facebook for upcoming events and pictures!

Sundays: See you for Bible Study at 0915!  We'll be digging in and learning just a little about other religions, denominations, synods, etc.  The goal is to come up with some good questions for Pastor as we prepare for witnessing to and communicating with others in the next stage of our lives (High School, College, Jobs, whatever God may have planned for us next)!


Saturday, 15JAN22 from 6:30-9:00pm: Youth Fellowship Night will be low-key this month.  We'll do some service by taking Christmas decorations down, cleaning up a bit, and then RELAXING, a game or two, and making some plans for the new year =] if you have ideas, bring them!  Oh, and pizza...friends always welcome, too, of course.

TBD: February Youth Fellowship Night

Sunday, 13FEB22-Sunday, 03APR22: Sarah will be gone =[.  The Youth will be leading their own study during this time.  They've selected a study on Philippians and anxiety - perfect with so many moving on to different phases of life soon.  All high-school agers welcome!  If you're college-age and want to stop in and say hi, offer some advice, that'd be AWESOME.

TBD: April Fellowship with Falls City

Sunday, 01MAY22 at 0800: Serving lunch at People's City Mission in Lincoln (pending pandemic stuff and assuming we can get enough commitment).  Eat a big breakfast, or you'll be stuck with donuts in the car.  We'll leave church at about 0800 to get to Christ Lincoln for church service, then we'll head to the shelter to help out.  After that, we'll find some delicious food and head home. Let Sarah know ASAP if you cannot make it or if your family has questions/concerns!

Senior Youth Group Board of Officers:

President - Kyra Becker

Vice President - Sam Ackerman

Treasurer - Kyle Becker

Digital Media Admin - Emma Ackerman

Youth Group Facilitators:

Micah and Sarah Bogdanoff

Trinity Lutheran Board of Education


Please feel free to contact the Senior Youth Group President (Kyra Becker), Sarah Bogdanoff, or the Board of Education with any questions, concerns, or comments.

(Info for all can be found in the Trinity Lutheran Church Directory.  If you do not have access to the Trinity Lutheran Church Directory, please contact Sarah Bogdanoff at or (619)993-1120.)

Distribution List:

If you would like an email or text notification when this page (or the Facebook page) is updated, please send an email or text to Sarah Bogdanoff, and she will add you to the Distribution List.